Cancellation Policy

Please be aware that I require 24 hours notice for cancellation. If I am not made aware of your cancellation in this time period you will still be charged for the price of the groom that you were booked in for.


Arrival and Collection

On arrival, if you are early please wait in the allocated area or in your car with your dog until you are asked to come in. Each dog has an allocated time slot for its groom and so when you are collecting please be on time, I have a small area and so cannot keep dogs too much over their time unless something has been pre-arranged. If there needs to be a pre-arranged late pick up it cannot be more than 15 minutes.


Late Pickup Charges

If you go over the pre-arranged 15 minutes you will be charged a retaining fee of £5.


Walk in’s

Please be aware that I can take walk in’s but this will be subject to how busy I currently am and you may still need to book an appointment.



Please be aware that if your dog has mats, I will put the dog’s welfare first as this can be painful for the dog. This will however be discussed with you on arrival with your dog as to what I am able to achieve as any matting will need to be removed.